About the School

The quest of Sampoorna Vidya begins within one’s self. It is a journey of Self-Realization & Discovery. At BABA SAUDAN SINGH VEERMATI DEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL we believe in being the force that helps children realize their individual potential.

Our Mission

"Service Before Self and Work Is Worship"

The School, in keeping with its Motto, will impart complete all round education. It will be the learning Environment that will enhance emotional, cultural & Intellectual development of its student. It will endeavor to create young people who are truly word citizens, socially responsible, independent thinking & committed to making the world a better place.

Our Vision

Our vision aligns with shift in the global economy, society and environment, which animate our mission and values.

Social engagement, orientating student’s academic experiences to help them become critically engaged citizens dedicated to solving problems and contributing to public good. Creativity, innovation and a desire to change the status quo, both in what and how we teach and in the intellectual ambitions of the school itself.

The B.S.S.V.D. Public School must embrace these principals and innovate to address shifts in the global economy, society and environment that require individuals to grapple with complex problems, pursue more fluid and flexible career pathways and collaboratively create change.

Why Choose-Us?

The School Plans To Provide Quality Education Of Its Kind. The Way Of Providing Education Is Alot More Creative So That Not Only The Academics Of The Students Is Improved But It Also Focuses Is Nurturing The Creativity Of The Individual. The Students Has Been Established With The Aim To Drive Out The Illiteracy From The Society In The Years To Come Vision.

We provide transport facility to our students and staff from Delhi and Noida to the campus and back.

COVID 19 Admissions Open