Principal's Message


"SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD AND STAYS WITH THOSE, WHO DON’T REST ON THE LAURELS OF THE PAST.” It is only after leaving school that one really appreciates the feeling of ‘belonging’ of being wanted is so necessary to our happiness; but here school – now – seem to take it so much for granted, whether we are a part of a sport team, or class or club, or a yes, even a part of a family. Just as every pupil gains something from school, so he or she gives something in return – either good or bad – depending on the giver. The tradition which grows up within our school is the “accumulated giving”, of all pupils, present and past. So each should contribute in some way to the good name of the school. BABA SAUDAN SINGH VEERMATI DEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL is a young school and its tradition are being formed and developed. See that what you give to the school is worth giving – work hard, play hard, give your best at all times – do nothing which will harm your school’s good name. Establish your school in your hearts and in your mind as something of which you can be really proud. BSSVDPS is now almost eight years old, but is still laying the foundations of its future traditions, not yet having reached its full maturity.

May god bless B.S.S.V.D. Public School

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